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Business Owners (period)

Ownership can be both lonely and isolating…which is why your mental and emotional fitness is critical. I focus all of my work on serving business owners who are intent on improving themselves and their companies.

All our work is PUSH:PULL. That is, we approach business challenges and opportunities from both ends, saving and building. It’s about saving you time, money and sanity. At the same time, it’s about building (increasing) revenues, profits and sanity.

Bula Network Owners’ Alliance

Bula Network Owners’ Alliance is a peer advisory group of just 7 small business owners who meet twice monthly online via a video conferencing platform. The power of small, intimate groups of like-minded owners working together for improved performance is the single biggest improvement to decision making and personal growth. Nothing compares to surrounding yourself with other business owners committed to helping each other grow their business, and their lives.

I’m currently interviewing prospective members so we can assemble an effective group of owners committed to their own growth, and the growth of all members of the Alliance. This is the most cost-effective, highest ROI service designed to help business owners make better decisions, overcome their isolation and experience individual and collective growth.

Do you want to grow as a leader and business owner? Are you willing to devote yourself to the effort? Are you open to helping other business owners just like you? And are you willing to let them help you? Then call me at (214) 736-4406. I’d enjoy speaking with you.


It all boils down to just two things: decisions and actions. Okay, three things. Add speed!

Leaders are paid to make good decisions, then to effectively execute those decisions. All our work is focused on those two components of leadership.

Your work as a leader is the ongoing process of these two things. You make a decision, then you make it happen. The third component is paying attention, watching, observing, measuring…doing whatever you must to see if your decision and action is bringing about the desired results. If not, you make a different decision and start doing something different.

Decision > Action > Observing > Making A Different Decision > Taking New Action > Observing

It’s an ongoing process that starts with making a wise decision. We focus on real-time wisdom, the ability to make the best decision in real-time.

Anybody can get it right after-the-fact. The best get it right in the moment. And if they don’t, they quickly adjust to get it more right. It’s really about wisdom and speed.

Dr. Henry Cloud, famed leadership expert and author, said…

Over 80% of the leaders I have surveyed have said they have no one they can be totally transparent with. Make sure you are in the other 20%.”

Leaders can be transparent with me. It’s a big part of the process.

Many leaders battle the traditional “fire fighting mentality.” Daily they spend most of their time putting out fires. Their schedules are often dictated by the hottest burning fire. It’s exhausting work, made worse because results often go unrealized.

Leading involves people. Managing involves the work, the process. Both need proper execution. I’m not the guy who stands back delivering generic advice. I roll up my sleeves and help clients make meaningful progress. My work is judged by the results I can help my clients achieve. It’s highly collaborative and specific to help you resolve the biggest issues that keep you awake at night.

Bula Network, LLC is a small business owner peer advisory company. 

We focus on the trifecta of business building.

  1. Getting new customers or clients
  2. Serving existing customers or clients better
  3. Not going crazy in the process

Today, all the work is done through helping leaders discover ideal solutions through great questions and figuring out what’s right for them. I’m a business leader with over 30 years of top leadership experience. I’ve been where my clients are. I know the pain of leading a team, making payroll and hitting sales goals. I understand the heavy burden of operating a profitable, cost effective enterprise. The process isn’t about me holding forth as a guru though. It’s about our joint partnership with a group of peers – other small business owners – to help YOU grow and transform your organization and your life. It’s about surrounding ourselves with people who will help us grow, and people who will let us help them grow!

  • All my work is intensely focused on helping you grow your business — and on helping you grow as a leader.
  • It’s about increasing profitability. Your organization needs more resources so you can grow and impact more people (your employees, your customers and all the companies you partner with along the way).
  • The process demands your willingness to be open and honest.
  • Some entrepreneurs tend to chase every opportunity. If everything is important, then nothing is important. My work can help you clarify what’s worth chasing and what isn’t.
  • I believe culture is important. Your team members (employees) are crucial to your success. I can help you craft the best story, giving your employees congruency so they know exactly where and how they fit in making your business grow.
  • Often times my work can help an owner distill the ideal non-negotiable standards for their enterprise. Without them, accountability is impossible. With it, “A” players thrive.
  • Donald O. Clifton’s work eventually became “Strengthsfinder.” He said, “Soar with your strengths.” I believe in concentrating on your strengths (and the strengths of your business), while simultaneously acknowledging liabilities and weaknesses so we can devise a plan to help you better manage them.
  • Your business, your life. The lines between the two are often blurred. My work is often focused on helping owners and leaders better manage the stresses in their life. It’s about building the best life and the best business possible.
  • Have a good, solid business model. Now develop a great process – something that provides repeatable, predictable success. Put it all in a bowl and mix it up and you’ve got a means of operating – a way of doing business – that works to serve your business and your life.

So if you’re a business owner intent on growing yourself and your company…I’d love the opportunity to hear about your challenges and opportunities. Remember, if you’ve got challenges, then you also have opportunities! Contact me today.


Read more about my work history here.

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