You Only Get What You’re Big Enough To Take – Grow Great Daily Brief #179 – April 1, 2019

Jimmy Hoffa Jr. supposed said it. He the radical attorney son of an infamous mobster boss.

There is no “I” in team. So they say. But there’s no “we” in there either.

As for leadership, you either take it or you don’t get it. Because the word for today does begin with an “i.” IMPOSE.

Impose your will on others or you’ll never get the power you want. Hoffa knows a lot more about it than you do. His daddy taught him well. You use the most inflammatory speech you can. You vilify opponents at every opportunity. In fact, if you’re a true leader you’ll create as many of those opportunities as possible.

The ability to boss other people around is worth the price of your decency, a highly overrated and useless trait. Real leaders don’t bother with nice-sities or being liked. There’s no time for that because true leaders are on a mission to get things done.

Getting things done means getting your way. Because there is no other way. Not unless you want to let the idiots win by voicing opinions. Again, such nonsense is a waste of time. Why in the world would you want to give ear to anybody lesser than you? You wouldn’t. So don’t tolerate it. Shut it down by any means necessary.

IMPOSE. That’s the only way to lead. Impose your will. Impose your agenda. Impose your opinions. At every turn, impose.

Fuel this within yourself by making sure you keep your desires high. What you want must be paramount, especially when compared to the lesser humans around you.

Armed with high expectations for every outcome, knowing that each outcome must be directly favorable toward you, then it’s paramount that you paint others in the least favorable light possible. In fact, it’s best if you’re able to characterize them in ways to make yourself look best, even if those characterizations aren’t quite true. It’s all a means to an end. And the end is you being in charge or maintaining power…so it’s worth it.

Lest you fear that you can overdo imposing your will, pay close attention to people. They’ll shrink and say nothing. Mostly because they just want the moment to pass. Leverage that to further your agenda. After all, you know what’s best. You realize these people are nothing without you. It’s up to you to impose on them long enough so they come to the same wise conclusion you have.

Deploy the style of Yoda. Present yourself as the holder of all wisdom and know-how. You can accelerate this dramatically if you’ll pay attention to the words you use. Use words like “should” often when telling people what to do. Don’t make suggestions or recommendations. Give orders. Issue warnings. Give directives.

Consistency will pay. The longer you impose the more power you’ll gain. Besides, practice makes perfect, but make the practice perfect by imposing all the time. Be relentless in your pursuit of power and authority. Ignore naysayer who call it “tyranny.” Keep remembering that these people are ninnies without a clue how to get things done. Remind yourself – this isn’t hard – that you’re the smartest person…no matter what room you occupy. It’s true. But it’s up to you to display it often enough so you can destroy any power your adversaries may seem to garner.

Think big. Pursue big. And always, always, always be big enough to take whatever you want by any means necessary. If you don’t, the idiots may win and we just can’t let that happen.

Happy April 1st.

Be well. Do good. Grow great. Take what you want!


P.S. I credit the likes of James H. Boren and Stanley Bing for this episode. We’ll be serious tomorrow! 😉

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