5 Days To A High Growth Way Of Thinking: Day Five – Grow Great Daily Brief #128 – December 21, 2018

5 Days To A High Growth Way Of Thinking: Day Five – Grow Great Daily Brief #128 – December 21, 2018

It’s here. The last day of the year for the GROW GREAT PODCAST. I hope you’ve found this 5-day journey a profitable way to end the year. I knew of no more powerful way to end the year.

You’re now in the Grand Ballroom of Abundance. You were outside with the masses who lamented all the bad things that happen to them. Pessimism and despair rule their lives. Until you entered the room, you didn’t know there was another way to live. You just supposed you were not among the anointed lucky people who achieve great things. You now know you were wrong.

One of the most important things you learned in this journey is that entrance into the room has NO prerequisites. You wrongly thought you needed permission, some personal invitation to enter. Mostly, you thought you needed to achieve something first, then you’d be allowed inside. Until you started to talking to people who all shared with you the same truth – high achievement happens only once you’re inside the Grand Ballroom of Abundance. It was a big epiphany for you…something you wish you’d known much earlier.

There’s no time to waste.

The Grand Ballroom of Abundance doesn’t care who you are or where you came from. Mostly because everybody inside came in from outside at some point. History is important because every citizen in the room has a context largely determined by their past, but they all realize life happens in the present and future.

Some walked into this room when they were young. Others were old. Some are highly educated. Others never made it past elementary school. There are engineers and scientists and salespeople and clerks. Men, women. People from wealthy families and people who don’t even know who their biological families are. The Grand Ballroom of Abundance respects everybody, discriminates against nobody inside. Nobody INSIDE.

There is only discrimination against people outside. Those folks who refuse to enter. The ones who want to beckon people inside to leave. The Ballroom has no tolerance for them because those people are the enemies of high growth and high achievement. The discrimination isn’t based on anything else.

Now it’s time to get busy. It’s urgent for you to start doing the work as soon as possible because there’s no time to waste. You’re on a new clock now. The past is the past. You’re thankful for what you learned in the past. You’re thankful for everything. You came to understand the Ballroom when you did, and you’re good with it. Now that you’re inside you realize there’s no time to waste wishing you’d found your way inside sooner. That won’t accomplish anything and you know it. Now it’s time to focus on the very reason you wanted to figure out how to get in here – to grow great!

It’s time to GROW GREAT.

The fun begins now. Creativity. Innovation. Improvement. These are now daily activities where you spend all your time. The room will help. It’s an environment that favors growth. The Grand Ballroom of Abundance fosters everything you’ve longed for. Growth and expansion happen because you’re now where you belong AND you’re committed to the work. Both are necessary. For the first time in your life, you have both properly aligned.

The voices and the pull of the outside world is never going to leave you alone. Never.

The abundance they seek is company. They want more people willing to chime in and be negative. Daily you have to make the choice to remain devoted to the abundance of high growth. More and more you have to lower the volume of the distracting voices. Eliminate the ones you can. Suppress the rest. Then turn up the volume of the solid citizens in the room, the ones who help you, encourage you and support your visions.

The Power Of Peers

Peer pressure is a good thing. You’re feeling it. The collective inside the room wants you to stay here, and achieve what you most desire. They don’t want you to fail. They know that doesn’t help you, or anybody else. Or the room. Everybody benefits when you do well. When you’re achieving the things you’re capable of, the room expands. Opportunities do, too. It’s just how this ecosystem works. You all know it.

There’s now a positive pressure to stay here inside this Grand Ballroom of Abundance. And you don’t want to leave. You don’t want to disappoint yourself. Or the collective in the room. It’s a feeling you’ve never had before and you don’t ever want to lose it.

People care. They’re willing to help. They won’t put up with your bull or excuses because they know how destructive that is to the Abundance. It’s not because they’re picking on you. It’s because they care about high growth and achievement. The collective is devoted – individually and together – to eliminating the destructive forces of pessimism and excuse-making. Here in this room challenges are meant to be overcome if possible. Endured if not. Opportunities are meant to be seized. And created. You love this way of life and you never want to go back now that you’ve tasted it.

The Key To Staying In The Room Is OTHERS

I owe you one final secret. A secret the most solid citizens in the room know. It’s not really a secret, but too many people fail to see it for the power it really is.

People. The power is in people. Your associations’ matter. Now it’s time to make sure you’re very intentional and purposeful about the people who surround you. Nothing will elevate your growth and protect you from leaving this room more. Nothing.

A big driver for your own high growth and achievement is your ability to improve the people around you. Remember, nobody in the room discriminates against others inside the room, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have preferences. They all have preferences. The super achievers in the room seek out other super achievers, or those they think are working hard to become super achievers.

The room isn’t cliquish, but it can seem like it. Only because birds of a feather are flocking together. The door you walked through to get inside this room is gone, but now inside the room, there may seem to be some invisible walls. You’re going to have to resist your old way of thinking, feeling like you need permission to join this group or that group. You don’t need permission. You simply need to make up your mind you want to join the group, but – and it’s a big but – you must be committed to the work necessary to join some particular group inside the room. Some groups are super achievers and they’ll hold you to an even higher standard. But that’s great. I encourage you to seek such peer pressure.

Well, that about does it. 2018 is a wrap here at the GROW GREAT PODCAST. Lord willing 2019 is going to be our greatest year ever. There are some exciting things happening around here. Leo Bottary and I have some big plans to deliver superior results to companies who want to really move the needle in building high growth cultures and employee engagement. The Peer Advantage by Bula Network is my effort to build just 2 groups of seven entrepreneurs in each group – peer advantage groups who will do for each other everything I’ve described today. Lord willing, we’ll put in the work, grow and achieve big results.

Permit me to end with one favor. Let me know how it’s going for you. I want to hear from you. I’m not fishing for compliments, but if the GROW GREAT PODCAST has provided value, let me know how. More importantly, let me know how I can grow greater. How can this podcast provide even more value? Use the contact page and let me know. I’d like to hear from many of you. I’ll take the holiday break to listen and refine things so 2019 will be even better.

Thank you for giving me your time and attention. You’re very important.

Be well. Do good. Grow great! And have a safe, happy holiday season. Lord willing, I’ll talk to you next year as we get another year of Grow Great underway.

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