6-Month Program For Executives/Leaders & Small Business Owners Beginning 2022

6-Month Program For Executives/Leaders & Small Business Owners Beginning 2022

NOTE: As of February 1, 2022 I’ve made an adjustment based on feedback from prospective clients. “I’m interested in starting this program, but a March start is better for me. Can I apply?” Go here for an update to this post and my pivot. 

Matt owned and operated a small manufacturing company (annual revenue $45M+). Stuck by supply issues, exacerbated by a primary domestic supplier who was struggling to meet production deadlines, Matt was an experienced engineer and business person, but he’d been struggling for four months, with no end in sight. He realized he needed somebody safe with whom he could sort through the challenges. 

Eileen was a new city manager with 7 direct reports, all of them directors of important departments inside the municipality. Savvy, experienced, and highly educated, Eileen had been struggling for over 6 months to improve what she described as a “broken culture.” She’d been hard at work to get the right people in place, but was dissatisfied with the slow pace of growth and improvement. Eileen craved somebody with whom she could be completely honest and open, without fear of any negative consequence. 

Leadership is lonely. For good reason. We can’t always shell it down with just anybody. Our employees are beholden to us. Suppliers and vendors, too. Peers are often quick to tell us what we “should” do. We don’t want people anxious to tell us what we ought to do – especially people who aren’t voting with their own money, time, and career interests on the line!

For the past dozen years, I’ve coached many leaders in business and city government. Most of these engagements last 10 to 24 months (some longer). Most of the time, these engagements are based on monthly retainers of a few thousand dollars. That’s beyond the reach of some, but the work is intensely personal, confidential, and always customized to meet each client right where they are. No two engagements are the same. That’s by design. For every hour of one-on-one engagement with a client, there are many other hours invested by both me and each client. But make no mistake, the clients do the work! I’m here to help them figure it out and provide the support they desperately need to move forward. Their success is my success.

Around Labor Day 2021 I began to construct a “program” that would take people on a leadership journey to help them accelerate their growth. I was (and am) determined to meet every client right where they are. One size does not fit all. However, I knew if I could systematize things a bit, then using that system – and applying it to where clients are – that I could compress the investment in both time and money. 

Timing is everything. I knew I simply didn’t have the time to devote to this new endeavor until January 2022. Well, here we are…on the cusp of the New Year. I’m making this offer to you, or anybody you know who may be interested. 

Who is this for?

Honestly, it’s for anybody who has direct reports. Size and scale don’t matter. That is, it doesn’t matter if you have 1 direct report or 20. It doesn’t matter if you’re in business or the public sector. It doesn’t matter what space (industry) you occupy.

This is about YOUR growth, improvement, and leadership. It incorporates how to make better decisions…and faster. How to elevate the performance of your team. How to create a high-performance culture. For business owners, it’s about helping you hit the trifecta of business building: getting new customers, serving existing customers better and not going crazy in the process. 

Some Important Details

  • I’m only accepting 6 people for January through June and 6 for July through December (2022). You can go ahead and apply for either session: first half or second half of 2022. 
  • Executives and other leaders who are NOT business owners can apply here.
  • Business owners can apply here.
  • Every session is conducted on Zoom. Convenience and efficiency are key. 
  • We meet every week for 90 minutes. Anybody unwilling or unable to devote this much time should not apply. We’ll schedule meetings in advance so we can make it as convenient as possible for you.
  • The program lasts 6 months at a cost of just $1,000 a month (paid monthly at the beginning of each month). This is a savings of almost 70% which is why I’m limiting it to just 6 individuals at a time. 
  • The program will include digital sessions you can consume on your own timetable. 
  • The program will include personalized digital content aimed at helping each individual client.
  • The program includes unlimited (that’s right) email and phone support. In 12 years I’ve never had a single client take unfair advantage of that offer so I make it with confidence. I want to be available. I don’t promise I’ll be able to answer every call, but I promise I’ll respond quickly (usually with just a few hours). 

Questions? Call my cell phone at (214) 682-2467. I’m happy to help. If you’re ready to apply, then click the appropriate link listed above. Feel free to refer others who may be interested in this unique program. 

Happy Holidays! I hope you and your family have a safe and peaceful holiday season. 

Be well. Do good. Grow great!

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