Are You A Tortoise Or A Hare? - Focus & Leverage (Part 1)

Are You A Tortoise Or A Hare? – Focus & Leverage (Part 1)

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Transitions are part of our lives. Professionally and personally.

Because nothing remains the same.

If we neglect to maintain our houses, they fall into disrepair.

Entropy happens.

So we must maintain a focus on taking care of things. That means doing things to improve, fix or accomplish our desired outcomes.

Some of us focus on easy, quick fixes. We’re constantly on the prowl for a short-cut. We want things to be easier so we keep our eyes peeled for ways to make it easier. Faster.

Some of us focus more on the desired outcome – our ideal outcome. And we leverage our resources (including our talents, abilities and opportunities) to help us achieve those goals.



It’s the beginning of a two part conversation Lisa and I had because both of us are going through our own individual transitions – professionally and personally. We hope our conversation will help you figure some things out for your own life.

Be well. Do good. Grow great!

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