Bula! Minute 002 – The Value Of An Outside Voice

microphone on stand
The credibility of an outside voice can grow our business

The value of an outside voice can mean a couple of things.

One, it can mean the objective appraisal of how we’re doing. “Hey, can you tell me what you think of this?”

The other can mean the value of having somebody else tell our story. It can be in the form of a recommendation. These can be very personal where we tell our next door neighbor about this great experience we had when we bought a new car, a new backyard grill, or a new pair of shoes. It can be far less personal, but equally powerful in the form of an Amazon review where complete strangers read what we say and put stock in it.

Businesses have long sought after having loyal customers who will tell everybody they know. Faithful, happy customers are the most effective sales teams. From casual conversations with all their friends to passing along our business card, loyal customers help evangelize our business.

The Internet affords us multiple ways to get the word out about our business. The value of an outside voice now has some new meanings. It’s commonly called “content marketing.” That simply means we try to make meaningful connections with prospects and customers by giving them valuable information. There’s nothing new about it really. Sales has historically been all about educating, answering questions and providing free information.

When I was a teenager working in a stereo shop, people would come in everyday seeking information as they navigated the prospect of purchasing stereo equipment. “What makes those speakers $200 more expensive?” Shoppers had questions. Lots of questions. A big part of my job was to answer their questions while I guided them through the process of making the most of their stereo buying dollar!

Back then my value as an outside voice was limited to people who walked into the stereo shop, or people who may have called on the phone. Today, we can all tell our story and have it broadcast 24/7/365 via the Internet.

I hope you enjoy today’s Bula! Minute.


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