Do You Have Enough Touchpoints In Your Sales Process?

I’ve got two grandsons. Jake is 3 and his older brother Max will turn 5 this summer. They both ask lots of questions. Every little kid does. It’s how they learn. It’s how they make sense of things, but it’s also how they connect with people they’re learning to trust. The more connected they are with people, the more they’ll talk with them. Neither of them is given to walk up to a complete stranger and begin a conversation. But they’ll talk the legs off of adults they know.

All of us are selling. We’re selling ourselves, our ideas, our products and our services.

Questions help us learn about our prospects. They also help us establish rapport, trust and credibility. Think of them as touchpoints – points of human interaction and contact that help us make sense of things.

But touchpoints consist of more than simply asking quality questions. They consist of putting in the time to have meaningful contact and communication with prospects. Normally, the higher the price of our product or service, the more touchpoints we’ll likely need in order to create a happy customer.

Bert Decker, famed public speaking coach, calls it “first brain.” We must make a first brain connection, the place where we create an emotional connection. Unfortunately, I know too many salespeople who leap right over that touchpoint taking full aim at all the technical merits of their product or service. No touchpoints, no connection. No connection, no sale!


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