Episode 100 – Nothing Fails Like Success (Hitting The Century Mark)

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"Nothing fails like success." Arnold Toynbee, historian

Cliff Ravenscraft, aka the Podcast Answerman, talks about podcasters making it to episode 7. I think he means that if you can create 7 episodes of a podcast then it’s likely your interest level is high enough to keep going. I’m proof that it’s easy to talk about things that interest you.

In today’s show I’m going to pick back up with Stephen Covey’s book, The 8th Habit. That quote by Mr. Toynbee is worthy of a single show. I built today’s show around that quote and the context of it in the book.

I hope you enjoy this 100th episode (honestly, I passed the century mark a while back what with all the special episodes I’ve released). If it proves anything…it proves I won’t quit. Not today.

Mentioned in today’s show:

Rush Limbaugh
Kevin Kelly’s 1000 True Fans post (one of the most linked-to-things here at Bula Network)
SEO Book is Aaron Wall’s website
The Salty Droid blog (warning: he’s profane)
Kindle technology completely changed the pricing of ebooks

Coming Soon!

A “thank you” show is in the works. There are plenty of people who have helped me directly and indirectly. Some of them don’t even know they’ve helped. Others, are very aware.

Have you ever sat down to think of ALL the people who have helped you? I should do that more often.

The world is full of people who contribute. Yes, there are the takers, but an awful lot of people willingly give. Surround yourself with them and it’ll foster that behavior in your life. Look for this “thank you” show coming soon!

Thanks for listening. I hope you’re subscribed to the podcast.

Have a safe, happy Labor Day weekend holiday!


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