Episode 99 – Know Thyself (The Tough Work Of Seeing Yourself As You Really Are)

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It’s hard to see yourself as others see you…as you really are.

Yes, that’s me in the mirror. I don’t think I look like that, but sometimes other people do.

The name of the game is awareness. Sometimes our awareness is hindered by our inability to see ourselves as others see us, or as we really are.

Let me give you three specific actions you can take to help you know yourself better. You can give yourself a better, more accurate picture of who you really are when you actively engage in all of them.

1. Use meaningful measurements
2. Seek wise counsel; ask others
3. Self-examination

Today’s show references these things:

Fox News coverage of hurricane Irene, particularly Shepherd Smith
Social Media Clubs, including the one in Dallas and the one in Ft. Worth
• Dallas is a pro sports town, particularly a Dallas Cowboys town
• Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo
Wayne “The Great One” Gretzky
Magic Johnson had great vision and awareness
George DeJohn’s fitness radio show
Episode 48 and others (I won’t take the time to list all the others, but you can search the term “strengths” here and find them)
• In episode 53 I talk about Dan Sullivan‘s concept, Unique Ability®
One Person/Multiple Careers by Marci Alboher
Career Renegade by Jonathan Fields
• A&E’s hit shows, Hoarders and Intervention
The GEICO Abe Lincoln commercial

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