Episode 121 – Calling All Readers, Watchers And Listeners! Help, I Need Somebody.

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Today’s show is a personal appeal. I’m not singing in The Yellow Studio, but I have before. Not nearly as well as John Lennon.

Here are the questions in today’s show:

1. If you create and consume content, how often do you do that? You may create content only weekly, but consume it hourly. I suspect we all tend to consume far more than we create.

2. What’s your schedule? Do you create content on a regular basis? Do you visit various content regularly?

3. Do you subscribe (either by email or RSS or any subscribe button) or do you just visit sites to consume their content?

4. How do you feel about the content created here? We’ll go ahead with a few more numbers under this heading (but don’t worry I’ve only got a few more questions). Rate my content on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being “I could care less” and 5 being “I can’t take my eyes or ears off of it.” (In the podcast I call this the final question, but the following questions are under the headline of this question so my numbering system may confuse you. Sorry.)

5. I should ditch this content: ______________ (fill in the blank). This is subject matter I should stop producing. (Yes, I call this number two.)

6. I should do more shows on this: _____________________ (fill in the blank). This is subject matter I should more heavily produce. (I call this one number three.)

7. Yes or No. I should stop producing video. (I call this one number four.)

8. Do you wish I would blog more? That is, I should just write posts without video or audio. (And this one is number five, confused yet? Me, too.)

9. I’m currently podcasting once a week. That is, a single audio only show comes out once a week. Is that enough, too much, not enough? (Here’s number 6.)

10. Is it just time for me to stop all this? Actually, this final question is just whatever feedback or suggestions you want to give me. (This is the final question. I called it number 7 and it’s the most important one.)

Email me or leave me voicemail feedback. Please, please, please!

Thank you for listening, watching and reading. Thank you for being part of my life. I hope I’m just a small resource to help you along the path. We’re all just a work-in-process.

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