Episode 124 – Distractions From Your Talent vs. Distractions For Your Talent

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Duke basketball fans are legendary. Just like Coach K and their years of fielding great teams. Speedo Guy was a student whose goal was to distract opposing players shooting free throws. His goal was to distract players away from their talent to successfully shoot free throws.

Universal wisdom tells us that distractions are counter productive. Focus, intensity and attention to detail. These are the tools of success. Distraction destroys these things. Don’t let yourself get distracted.

Well, universal wisdom isn’t true wisdom. It’s wrong! And we all know it.

Not all distractions are created equal. And they don’t all hinder us. Today, I’ll toss distractions into two categories and hopefully I’ll give you a few things to think about as you chase your dreams, try to solve your problems, build your business and try to simply live better.

Have you found a distraction that delivered high value to you?

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