How To Fail In Sales: Act Like A Jerky Daytime TV Talk Show Host

No, I won’t promote him, but his initials are JK. And it doesn’t stand for “just kidding.”

For a few weeks now I’ve seen him on the TV’s at the gym. He’s on every weekday. I’ve never heard the sound, but from 75 feet away I can see his body language and tell…he’s an A-1 jerk (actually, I can think of another J-name that likely fits better). He looms over people who are seated. He sticks his finger in their face. He interrupts them. He badgers them.

I know too many salespeople who somehow believe that they are the center of our Solar System. People should buy from them because they radiate such ingenuity and brilliance. Instead, people think they’re jerks and can’t wait to distance from them. Maybe they need to be on TV instead.

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