Episode 128 – Use Cheap (Audio/Video)Technology To Dazzle Your Customers

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Dallas is an NFL town. The Dallas Cowboys may no longer be America’s team (does America really have a team?), but they’re certainly a big deal around here. Recently, I was reading about how the Cowboys had incorporated new Apple technology – the iPad – as the method of giving each player the playbook.

NFL teams historically have given players a large 3-ring binder containing all the plays and formations of the team. Players are assigned these books and they’re very protected resources for each team. This year, the Cowboys (I suspect other teams will also do this) are no longer handing out a large 3-ring binder to players. Rather, they’re giving each player an Apple iPad with the playbook downloaded onto it.

It’s a practical, but dazzling way communication is happening today. Thanks to the relative inexpensive cost of technology. Come on! What’s an $800 device to an NFL team? It’s a cheap investment that likely accomplishes a few great things for the team. One, the players will spend more time with an iPad than they would a 3-ring binder. And if they’re spending more time with the device, the assumption is likely valid…they’ll spend more time in the playbook. Two, the players won’t likely leave it laying around, or forget it when they attend meetings. Three, the players can make their own notations during meetings. No need to bring another device into a meeting. Their team iPad is all the device they’ll ever need.

What about your small business? Are you using today’s inexpensive – CHEAP – audio and video technology (and PDF’s, etc.) to dazzle your customers? Staff members are your internal customers. The Cowboys’ players are the internal customers of the Dallas Cowboys organization. What about your paying customers?

Get creative. There are so many cool things we can to help serve our customers, and along the way, dazzle them! Make them say, “Wow!”

Some resources mentioned in today’s show:

Apogee Mic (a ridiculously good USB/iPhone/iPad condenser microphone)
Screeny (a super inexpensive Mac screen capture software)
Vimeo Plus

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