Episode 167 – K.I.S.S. Doesn’t Stand For Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Kiss me!

I live in Texas where we claim everything is bigger.

Bigger can be better, but not always. Waistlines, debt, dirty laundry…well, you get the idea!

Life is full of contrasting ideas.

Abundance vs. Minimalism

Vast vs. Cozy

Big vs. Small

I admit that many small business owners struggle with limiting their growth or opportunities because they think too small. I’m not encouraging that behavior. Today’s show isn’t about small or restrictive thinking. Rather, it ‘s about embracing what suits you best. It’s about not allowing your business or career to be defined by what other people think.

What’s wrong with keeping it small? 

Nothing, if that’s what you want. This is the time to be selfish and chase what you want…how you want. Not every small business owner wants to build the next global business. Just like not every home buyer wants an 11,000 square foot house. Some people prefer the tiny houses available today. Nothing wrong with that – it’s just a matter of preference.

For instance, I don’t want employees. I’m not opposed to employees. I’ve just had them most of my career…spanning the last 30 plus years. Been there, done that. I don’t want to do it any more, but I know people who would love nothing better than to build a business that needs lots of people. That’s fine…for them. Not for me.

What’s your end game? Do you want to start and build a business that you can sell? Do you want to build a business with others that can solve some big worldwide problem? Do you want to build a business around something you personally find gratifying?

It matters how you answer those questions. It’s very personal, but I’ll warn you to avoid letting somebody else’s dream or desire affect your own. It may be wise to think small. That doesn’t mean being ineffective, unsuccessful or unprofitable. Some of the wealthiest people I know do work they really care about by going it alone and dropping most of their revenue straight to the bottom line. They intentionally keep their lives simple, flexible and small.

Keep it small smartypants!

They love being small. Is it for everybody? Nope. But then again, what is?


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