Episode 178 – How I’m Preparing To Launch A New Podcast, ChasingDFWCool (Part 2)

chasing dfw cool
I’m not just going to chase DFW cool. I’m gonna catch it, too.

I probably should have sub-titled these episodes, “How You Can Launch Your Own Podcast…Or Anything Else!”

Did you miss Part 1? Click here. It’s much shorter than this one. The next episode will absolutely, positively be shorter! I had a lot of ground to cover in today’s show, but I didn’t want to drag this out into a third part. But no matter, it’s a podcast…that means you can listen to it in chunks suitable to your schedule.

I decided to record today’s entire episode on video, too. I’ll upload that to YouTube very soon. It’s part of my current fascination with YouTube. 😉

Let’s dive into the actual preparation stuff now. Part 1 dealt with the stuff that prompted the idea and other “soft” stuff. Now we’re going to discuss the actual things that must be done to successfully launch a podcast.

Here’s a list:

• The subject of the show
• The name of the show
• The domain for the show
• The format of the show
• The technology required to produce the show
• How to get podcast cover art
• How to do podcast show notes
• How to find guests
• How to line up guests
• How to interview guests
• When to release shows (including frequency)
• Submission to Apple iTunes and other podcast directories
• How to market the podcast
• Sustaining the effort

There’s a lot to it. But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. And there are plenty of podcasting experts who have lots of great advice. Free.

Podcast Coaches And Experts

Cliff Ravenscraft aka Podcast Answerman has a series of 8 video tutorials that are completely free. You don’t even have to opt in with your email address. Additionally, Cliff has hundreds of podcast episodes and accompanying show notes filled with useful information to help people launch a podcast, or improve an existing podcast.

In addition, Cliff offers a comprehensive in-depth training course called Podcasting From A To Z. It’s an intensive 4-week course designed to take people from no podcast to launching their podcast. This is group coaching that usually consists of 30 people or so. Just yesterday he posted this video which can give you a glimpse of the kind of help he can offer you.

The crown jewel of Cliff’s enterprise is Podcast Mastermind. That group is intended for people who approach podcasting with a more professional approach. It is a paid membership requiring a minimum commitment of 1 year.

As you can see, Cliff has a wide variety of resources. You’re bound to find something useful.

Dave Jackson runs the School of Podcasting. He does some podcasting coaching, consulting and has a membership area, too. His podcasts and show notes offer lots of free information worth checking out.

Daniel J. Lewis‘ site is The Audacity to Podcast. Like Cliff and Dave, Daniel also does podcast coaching and consulting. He also offers podcast cover art design work.

Ray Ortega is a podcast producer. That’s his day job, but it’s also his passion pursuit. He operates a site, The Podcaster’s Studio.

There are others, but that gives you a great idea of the talent out there ready to teach you a thing or two about podcasting. Each of them have their own style and focus. You’re bound to find a connection with one or more of them. Check them out. Listen to 3 or more episodes of each one and that should give you a better idea of how they approach their work.

Also mentioned in today’s show:

Entrepreneur On Fire with John Lee Dumas
Mixergy with Andrew Warner
Jian Ghomeshi with Studio Q
Audacity recording software
Audio Technica ATR2100 hi-quality, low cost microphone
• iVideoHero is an online course that teaches you how to create great videos using your Apple iPhone. The iPhone can record shockingly good audio, too.
Music Radio Creative with Mike and Izabela Russell, one of my favorite podcasts – just needs to be longer and more Izabela 😉

I hope this inspires you to give podcasting a go. Don’t be bashful. Jump right in and figure it out along with the rest of us.



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