Greg Jones: Leadership Insights (From Georgia Tech To The Startup World To Restauranteur)

Greg Jones is currently the owner of the Beehive Neighborhood Hangout, Xplore family of restaurants, and Co-Owner of Artfully Baked and Brewed in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. But his roots are in hi-tech. Armed with a computer science degree from Georgia Tech, Greg entered the real world by way of startups. Eventually, he found his way to an international multi-billion dollar company where he took a small (think sub $10 million) division to over $200 million. In about 3 years or so he’s taken a one-off idea and grown it into an 8 location restaurant business with more than $6 million in annual revenue. 

Here are some helpful links if you care to learn more about Greg and what he’s doing today. 

Xplore Lakeside:

BeeHive Neighborhood Hangout:

Hope you enjoy the show!

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