How A Health Scare Can Produce Immediate Focus (And Other Little Lessons Learned)

This is a follow-up to the last show. Good news!

We appreciate all the kindness, the thoughts and prayers. Thank you!

Fear will help you prioritize on the fly faster than anything I know. Fear of loss. Fear of suffering. Fear of watching a person you love endure hardship.

Fear can create instant focus. If you’re like me, Fear has his hand on a switch not available to most emotions. The switch that controls distraction and obsession. BAM! In a flash, Fear flips that switch and my life has a clarity that no amount of money could have provided mere seconds earlier.

I’m going to try to learn more from this experience.

The challenges are simple to list, but figuring them out, well…that’s gonna take a lot of work.

1. How can I better manage my own ability to focus? Can I gain greater command of it?

2. How can I be more appreciative, thankful and compassionate?

3. How can I better serve others who are suffering? What actions can I take, what words can I say, what steps can I take to soothe the suffering of others?

4. How can I be more mindful, more aware, of what other people may need – in that moment? What cues should I look for?

As with most challenges and trials, I suspect this one has the capacity to make me better. It’s up to me to use it wisely.

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