Trouble, You Can’t Fool Me. I See You Behind That Tree. You Want To Jump On Me.

No podcasts, no videos, no posts, no Twitter, no Facebook, no Skype.

I’m going to be quiet for awhile. This post and this video explain why.

Ry Cooder is among my all-time favorite musicians. On a record called Bop Til You Drop he recorded this song.

Trouble you can't fool me I see you behind that tree
Trouble you can't fool me trying to get the ups on me
Trouble you can't fool me I see you behind that tree
You want to jump on me

We can all sing that song.

Life knocks us down, drags us out into the back alley and kicks our butt. Regularly.

Joys are offset with sorrow and sadness. Thankfully, sadness is then overcome with joy, laughter and good times.

Life is not a tranquil lake…always. Sometimes waves beat on us and fear grips us.

Who can deny that troubles make us better? Watch the Biography channel sometime and you’ll see a story of tough times, challenges and adversity. And you’ll be reminded that you’re watching the story of a famous name! Fame, wealth and prosperity often emerge from tragedy.

Our own success – measured however you choose to measure it – is often the result of muscles we strengthened during tough times.

If you’re suffering right now, press on! If you’re not, press on, but be prepared. Trouble is right behind that tree waiting to jump on you.

As another favorite musician sings, “We’re all just one phone call from our knees.” *

For a little more than a week I’ve been (more frequently and fervently) on my knees praying for the health of my wife of 34-1/2 years, Rhonda. I recorded this on Thursday, June 7th. As this post publishes on Tuesday, June 12th, we’re in a hospital where she’s having surgery at the hands of a doctor she’s worked for – for 15 years. That’s a whole ‘nother story.

As always, I owe you a big THANK YOU for giving me your time and attention. I know how valuable they both are.

Hold a good thought for Rhonda this week — please.

* When trouble comes I think we belong on our knees. And yes, I do have a man-crush on Mat Kearney. And he knows it. Even if he doesn’t acknowledge me.

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