My Current Reading Habits (And Some Changes I’m Going To Make)

My love affair with books didn’t fully engage until late in high school. Well, that’s when it began. During my first semester of college it was full-blown. It’s been relentless ever since.

Before that reading was a favorite thing, but not books. Magazines. I loved Popular Science. Audio. Stereo Review. High Fidelity. Rolling Stone. Melody Maker.

Peppered in there somewhere were a few sports biographies, historical biographies and Mad Magazine’s Snappy Answers To Stupid Questions, Vol. I and Vol. II.

It dawned on me – don’t ask me what took me so long – that my reading habits are terrible.

One, I juggle too many books at one time.

Two, I suffer too much book envy.

So I’m going to attempt to change a few things. What about you? What do your reading habits look like?

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