I Don’t Mind The Bait, But I Hate The Switch (Sometimes)

I began selling hi-fi gear when I was a teenager in high school. The world was very different in the early 70’s. The Viet Nam war was winding down. Watergate was just around the corner. President Nixon wasn’t the only guy telling lies. Unethical marketers were spectacularly skilled at it.

I chuckle when I hear people talk about “way back in 2004.” 2004 seems like yesterday to an old dog like me.

Bait and switch was a big legal deal in the days of my youth. Maybe it still is, but I just sort of expect it anymore. I could be jaded after all these years. Ya think? 😀

Some retailers regularly practiced unethical marketing. Bait and switch. Fictional “regular” pricing. Fictional “sale” pricing. Advertising low end products they didn’t have in stock. But we’re way past all that now, right? Not on your life. Deception is alive and well – a craft destined to never die!

The Internet is a breeding ground bigger than any before for it. Daily we’re baited with headlines, sales copy, video titles, podcast titles, Tweets and so much more.

Today’s currency practically demands it because every content producer needs attention in order to continue creating content. What’s the point in blogging if nobody reads your blog? Ditto for videos or podcasts. People claim content is King, but it’s a lie. Attention is the King. Content might be the Queen. But sometimes the content is the Jester. And the joke is on us!

Watch today’s show and listen for the number one fear consumers have. As a blog reader, YouTube watcher, podcast listener or general Internet user – I guarantee you’ll be able to relate!


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