Lifelong Learners Make Better Lifelong Teachers

Mentioned in today’s show:

The 100-Mile Walk: A Father And Son On A Quest To Find The Essence Of Leadership by Sander A. Flaum & Jonathon A. Flaum

Leadership is not a one-way street.

People need leadership. That doesn’t mean leaders are without their own needs.

Leaders need feedback, information, dialog and instruction. Nobody knows everything. Not even the most accomplished or capable leader.

Fathers have a great deal to learn. Sometimes from their own children.

CEO’s have a great deal to learn. Sometimes from low level, frontline employees (see Undercover Boss).

The compelling reason why I do what I do with these podcasts, videos and blog posts is summed up in a single phrase, “Passing it on.”

It doesn’t mean I’m an expert with nothing left to learn. My ability to teach, to instruct or pass it on is greatly enhanced by my ability to listen and learn. Lifelong learning improves lifelong teaching, and mentoring.

It’s the fabric of legacy!


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