Perry Marshall’s Marketing DNA Test (My Results)

I’ve been on Perry Marshall’s list for years. He’s a Google Adwords and PPC brainiac. I’d also describe him as a terrific marketing guy. Oh, and he’s very likable.

You should check him out at

Since I’m on his list I got the email he sent out telling about his new Marketing DNA Test. I spent a few minutes and took it. These are the results. That’s right, I’m unashamed. Transparency and authenticity – 2 words that make me want to vomit – are all the rage so here you go!

Enjoy. Laugh. Cry. Feel badly for me. Feel envy about my greatness. Pity my weaknesses. It’s all done in a real quest to learn more about myself. One of these days I’ll figure it out. Guess I’d better hurry things up, huh?



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