Episode 159 – When You Blend In…You Don’t Stick Out!

When everybody else zigs, zag!
When everybody else zigs, zag!

Which economy are we now in? I forget.

Information? Knowledge?

We’re definitely still in the “Attention” economy, but haven’t we always been?

We want to stand out from the crowd.

But…we also want to fit in.

We want to hear about how really successful people did it…so we can do it, too. Over and over you hear the question asked, “How did you do it?” That’s because we think there’s some secret that we don’t know. And it’s because we don’t want to put in the work…especially if we can just copy somebody else’s work. Remember those jerks in school who’d stretch their arms over their desk so we couldn’t see their work? We hated those smart alecks.

But if we’re all copying each other – or if we’re all copying the successful people and trying to do exactly what they did – won’t we end up blending in? If we all dress alike, talk alike, work alike…won’t we be alike? And then, won’t that make us all average?

Is your brain tired yet? Mine is always tired. But such is the life when you have to live with my brilliance! It’s a curse.

Well, here’s what we really want…

To be part of the crowd, but we want the crowd to applaud us, follow us, friend us, subscribe to us, read us, watch us, buy from us, and hold us up above all the rest.

We want to be like everybody else…but better!

With more business. With more followers. With more fame. With more income.

Well, of course. Why not?

Indeed. Why not?


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