Striving To Survive vs. Striving To Thrive

Striving To Survive vs. Striving To Thrive (How Changing Your Mind Can Change Your Outcome) #4056

Striving To Survive vs. Striving To Thrive

For the last 7 years or so things have been mostly good for business. Generally, things have been on a solid roll since the crash of 2008. If you believe in the economic cycles – and I do because there’s historical precedent – then we’re due for a hum dinger of a downturn.

Wait for it. Within the next year or so many more people are going to be fighting to survive. You could be batting to survive right now, bracing for an uncertain future.

You know what my lifelong frustration has been in operating businesses?

Contentment. Complacency. Satisfaction.

A conversation with a business owner worried about the future sparks today’s show.

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