Why You Should Ignore The Power Of Others – Grow Great Daily Brief #224 – June 10, 2019

Happy Monday! I’m picking on today’s topic because today is my wife’s birthday. And she’s living proof – at least to me – of the power of others. We began dating as teenagers and have been married for over 41 years. To imagine going through this life without her power is beyond what I’m able to fathom. Thankfully, I’ve not had to. Happy birthday to her!

If you happen to connect with me at Linkedin – I’d encourage you to do that by visiting ConnectWithRandy.com – then you’ll see the first line of my tagline says…

Helping Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Leverage The Power Of Others

“The Power Of Others” is a critical phrase because it’s one of the very best points of leverage any of us can have. And we can all have it if we want it.

It’s also critical because of how strongly I believe in it. Belief is a major component in our lives because our beliefs drive our behaviors. This belief in the power of others drives my behavior to serve small business owners by helping them leverage the enormous value they can derive from being inside the smartest room possible. It’s not about being the smartest person in the room. It’s about being in a smarter room.

Why not? 

It’s the question that has driven my entire professional life. It’s the point of Friday’s Daily Brief – pursuing unreasonable and impractical achievements. When others question whether something can be done or not I’m going to ask, “Why not? Why can’t we figure out a way to do it?”

Why not leverage the power of others? That’s a great question, but it’s not today’s question. Today we’re answering the question, “Why should you ignore the power of others?”

Answer 1: Because you don’t believe in it.

Many people who don’t believe in leveraging the power of others think they’re smarter than everybody else. But they don’t realize it’s not about intellect, education, skills or know-how. More often it’s about vantage point. It’s about perspective.

But if you don’t believe in the help you can seize from others – or the help you can provide them – then nothing else matters!

Answer 2: Because you won’t listen to anybody else anyway.

Some folks are know-it-alls. Maybe that’s you. I hope not, but there are many people who still won’t listen to others. You don’t have to be a know-it-all. You just have to be stubborn enough – and arrogant enough – to think nobody’s viewpoint, opinion, insight or experience is comparable in value to your own.

Answer 3: Because you’re more focused on what you know than what you don’t.

People who fixate on their knowledge tend to not be curious enough to desire more deep understanding. Or learning. Nevermind how they came to learn what they already know (somebody likely helped teach them).

We can get snarky and nickname them, “Bliss.” As in, “Ignorance is bliss.”

The gaps in their understanding go ignored, trumped by the vast knowledge they feel they already have.

Answer 4: Because you discount the value of others.

Prejudice and bias corrupt the opportunity many would have to learn, understand and grow based on the insights of others. For example, it’s common for owners of big companies to discount whatever insights might be offered by a business owner operating a company with lower revenues. “Why should I listen to anything he’s got to say? He’s doing half the revenue we’re doing.”

That level of bigotry is a valid reason to ignore the power of others.

Answer 5: Because you’re uninterested in growing your business, your leadership, and your life.

Maybe you’re the person who answers questions about growth with, “No, I’m good.” I won’t shoot down complacency. It’s your life and if being complacent is what you want, then bully for you. I’m not going to judge you.

It’s not how I want to roll. Nor is it who I want to serve but those are my choices. Each of us have to go the way we want. I want to help small business owners who aren’t offended by the label, “operator.” People who love their customers and love the work they do. Owners who are close to the work. Owners who want to grow – and owners willing to define “growth” any way they choose!

Serving small business owners (regardless of revenue or headcount) driven to achieve more — these are the people I’m attracted to serve. These are “my people.” I love them and respect them.

Imagine being surrounded by 7 other small business owners who, along with you, make up the safest room possible for every member. What is said in this room, stays in this room. What happens in this room, stays in this room. It’s a sanctuary where nobody is tempted to violate the confidentiality. A room where nobody is judging each other because everybody respects each other. Each person has a business to run and how each person chooses to operate is completely up to that person – not the group. In short, this room is ruled by compassion, courage, and confidentiality.

The group is driven by those C’s I’m always talking about:

Compassion • Connection • Communication
Collaboration • Culture

Now, bring to the forefront of your mind THE one thing that troubles you. Not the one thing troubling you right now, but the one thing that seems to be a recurring problem for you. The thing that you know is holding you back and holding your company back. A problem you can’t quite seem to conquer and keep it conquered.

You’re now surrounded by these 7 people who get it. Every single one of them. Seven other people surround you who understand what it is to endure what you’re enduring. They can each relate. That drives their empathy to become compassion. Compassion requires action. Empathy doesn’t. These people are driven to help you.

As you think about this big ongoing problem – this big constraint – you realize you’re not having to work very hard to summon up the courage to ask these people for their insights. A systematic discussion is led as the group dives in to help you finally conquer this problem. Nobody is making the decision for you, that’s not why they’re there. But they are all working hard to help you figure out what decision you most want to make. As you listen and answer their question – they’re asking questions to make sure they (and you) understand the problem as clearly as possible – you hear the stories of their experiences. Some of them have experienced very similar problems in their own lives. Hearing them share those insights is valuable and causes you to think of some things you’ve never thought of before.

The process makes you aware of why you love this group and this experience. If people think we live in a 3-dimensional world, you’ve learned that you’re in an 8-dimensional world that provides you with so many different viewpoints and angles, the clarity you now experience is vastly improved from what it was before you surrounded yourself with these people. You’re exposed to perspectives, experiences, insights, talents, know-how, and strengths that you would have never had access to were it not for these people’s willingness to surround you. And their willingness to have you be part of the group that surrounds them. Everybody wins.

Because the result of all this is another big C word, CHANGE. We all call it “growth” but that’s exactly what this change is all about. It’s about the joint commitment of each member to grow and to help the others grow.

The Peer Advantage is the culmination of my life’s experience and know-how to create the smartest virtual rooms possible to serve small business owners. I’m smart enough to serve. Smart enough to help assemble a very smart room. Smart enough to guide and direct a group intent on high achievement. And plenty smart enough to know that me plus 7 dynamite small business owners has exponentially more power than anything I know of in helping every member grow great.

I’m currently building the first group of 7 and looking for a few specific members to enroll. Now if you’re not among these categories I still want you to apply because I’m building more than one group. So what I’m about to say isn’t a restriction, but more of an immediate request.

I’m looking for a female entrepreneur who owns a construction trade company. It’s such a novel thing for a woman to own and operate a blue-collar trade-oriented enterprise I believe her insights and experiences can be highly valuable to the group.

I’m also looking for an entrepreneur who is steeped in economic and financial data. I don’t have a specific industry in mind, but I’m interested in a business owner whose business necessitates being very aware of economic trends and financial analysis.

I’m looking for an entrepreneur in manufacturing. Any type of manufacturing.

Lastly, I’m looking for business owners headquartered here in America, but who conduct business both inside and outside the United States.

Again, this doesn’t mean I’m uninterested in others. I’m interested in enrolling business owners from just about any industry or sector. I hope you’ll visit ThePeerAdvantage.com and complete the application today.

The focus of our work together is squarely aimed at hitting the trifecta of successful business building:

  1. Getting new customers
  2. Serving existing customers better
  3. Not going crazy in the process

Be well. Do good. Grow great!


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