How Do You Know When To Quit?

Ah, the questions of life. How can I get started? Is now a good time to start? How can I know I’m going in the right direction? What’s my best option? So many questions.

Quitting isn’t among the most popular topics to consider. Nobody likes a quitter, we tell our children. Fact is, people quit all the time. Winners quit regularly. It seems contradictory.

Mentioned in today’s show:

David Siteman Garland runs The Rise To The Top. He interviews people.
Andrew Warner runs Mixergy. He interviews people, too.
Jaime Tardy runs The Eventual Millionaire. And she interviews people.
• Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams (the YouTube video; if you’ve never seen it – do it now)

No, I’m not quitting. At least not today!

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How I Lost $50,900 (and my pride), But Kept My Wife

Allow me to tell two stories of my own stupidity and foolishness. Both cost me a lot of money, but they may have cost me more in embarrassment and vulnerability. I certainly lost some pride over the deals. Thankfully, my wife stood by me – all without scolding me about how stupid or crazy I was.

As my kids were growing up I constantly preached to them about making mistakes. I knew they’d make mistakes, all kids do. My sermon to them was always the same, “Don’t make a mistake from which you can never recover.”

While these two stories had a high cost, thankfully…they were mistakes from which I could and did recover. I hope you can learn to be smarter by avoiding the mistakes I made.

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Trust People, But Always Cut The Deck

Recent discussions about the FTC crackdown on testimonials for Internet marketers have brought to light the fine arts of deception, lying and fraud. Enron and Bernie Madoff preceded this news – so it’s not quite the newsflash it might otherwise be. Cheating is commonplace.

Pick any area of human endeavor and you’ll find deception and cheating. Education, business, religion, and all others. Marketing and sales are especially susceptible to it because people are working to exchange something for money.

The competitive edge – YOUR competitive edge – can be honor, integrity and complete honesty, 100% of the time.


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