Episode 162 – How Can I Make My Marketing Work?

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Years ago some male actor was on The David Letterman Show and remarked, “You know that slot in men’s underwear? Why do they have those? Do they work?” David’s reply dropped me to the floor in laughter, “It depends on what kind of work you’re doing!”

Clients and prospective clients often remark, “Marketing has never worked for me.” And I’m reminded of Dave’s snarky reply. I think, or say, “It depends on what kind of work you WANT it to do.”

Marketing is something everybody feels they need to do better, but few give it the time and attention it truly deserves. People mistake movement for meaningful action. Like a shark, they think if they just keep moving then they’ll stumble onto something that might work. And it might not.

Today’s show is about some fundamental – but very important building blocks – truths about marketing. Your marketing!

Mentioned in today’s show:

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