How Well Do You Wrestle Your Schedule?

There are many things I’d like to change about my schedule, work flow and efficiency. And I’m a guy who is pretty bent toward such activities, but it’s hard to get on track and even harder to stay there. I’ve got lots of books on productivity. I read lots of blogs on productivity. And yes, [...]

Episode 142 – The Power Of Dread (And A Yellow Fly Swatter)

Podcast: Download | HTML5 Playback Dread. It strikes us when we look at our phone to see a person who whips us. It hits when an email arrives with the subject line, “Past Due.” Dread can be major, life changing stuff. It can be a very minor daily beating we seem destined to endure. That’s [...]

Content Marketing 70’s Style

I implemented content marketing back in the early 1970’s. I was among the first ever to use it. Yes, I was a pioneer in content marketing because I worked in independent retail. Information used to be severely limited. We didn’t know it, but compared with today’s resources, it’s obvious! Newspapers, magazines, books, radio or TV [...]

Is Your Business Life Organized Boredom?

You know I’m a notebook freak. The other day I grabbed a bundled stack of old Field Notes. Ones I had used in the past. A phrase was written on a page all by itself. When I read it I remembered writing it. Let me briefly share it with you. I hope you have a [...]