Episode 138 – Tragedy, Violence And Death: A Triple Toward Solemnity

Podcast: Download | Non-Flash Playback This isn’t a news website, but some news impacts daily conversations worldwide. Today, news of a Colorado shooting transcends all other news. James Holmes, a 24-year-old student, is at the center of it all. Twelve people are dead. Fifty nine are injured. Dozens of families are directly affected. A community. [...]

What Should I Do With All These Books?

This is sort of a follow up to my last video. You may want to watch that one first. I need your help with this clean up. Watch and give me your feedback. Thanks,

The Power Of The Clean-Up

Clean cars drive better than dirty ones. You know it’s true. Declutter, deep clean and get your act together. The satisfaction and pride alone are worth it. But there’s far more value in it than that.

Active Voice And Short Sentences

                  Writing and speaking in the active voice is more powerful than the passive voice. Big surprise, huh? “The line drive golf ball shattered the car’s windshield.” Or… “The car’s windshield was shattered by the line drive golf ball.” Yes, that first sentence conveys more power. More [...]