Hypotheticals To Help Us Improve Our Business Realities (302)

A group of business owners is gathered. They’re from different industries and different markets. But they’re all safe with one another because they share a common existence. They’re business owners. Each well acquainted with the strains, struggles, and joys of running their own enterprise. This isn’t some good ‘ol boys network club. Fact is, almost [...]

Safety & The Right Kind Of Emotional Energy (301)

Safety and encouragement. They’re vital to our ability to grow, overcome adversity and battle whatever life is tossing our way. Here’s a worthwhile daily admonishment… Help somebody feel safe today. The topic had a genesis over at my hobby podcast, LeaningTowardWisdom.com, which I’ve dubbed #CravingEncouragement. The idea took form out of the professional conversations I [...]

Helping People Find Smarter Rooms: The Power Of Peers (300)

Let’s start with a press release that came out on Tuesday, July 16, 2019. It could be found at Yahoo! Finance, among other places. Since this is a podcast permit me to share it with you. It’s not terribly long. Leo Bottary Announces the Launch of Peernovation July 16, 2019 New company will help business [...]

When I was about 27 I uttered a statement one afternoon while my team was wrestling with some customer service challenges. “The quality of our questions determines the quality of our business.” The statement was provoked by our company’s inability to consistently deliver the experience I wanted. Dumb problems were frustrating me. Problems I felt [...]

Today I want to provoke you to take a quantum leap forward. It may be uncomfortable. Maybe it’ll be exciting. Let’s just give it our best to make it profitable. Learning. Understanding. Growing. Let’s start with a word. An important word. One that should remain at the forefront for you the rest of this year [...]

Making Failure Temporary – Grow Great Daily Brief #238 – June 28, 2019

Increasingly I’m convinced there is one factor that is far superior to all others in determining our success. Some of my favorite terms are… Tenacity Resilience Ferocity They speak to a person’s refusal to quit. And I’m not talking about quitting things that aren’t working. Or quitting things that we discover we don’t want to [...]