“That’s not how I see it.” We’ve all used that sentence. Some more than others. Question: how open are you to understand another perspective? About anything. But let’s keep this business related. In the past few weeks, my work has revolved heavily around helping CEOs deal with roster issues. In some cases, the CEO doesn’t [...]

Last week I watched an interview with Dr. Jordan Peterson. The conversation turned toward alcohol. Particularly, getting off of it – breaking the addiction to it. Said Peterson, “Alcohol is a really good drug. It’s effective. But you need something better.” He went on to extol the virtues of finding things more productive, valuable and [...]

We’ll wrap up this week’s freedom theme with some thoughts about the freedom to decide the people who we’ll allow to impact our lives. It’s the idea Leo Bottary and I concentrate on in our podcast, WHAT ANYONE CAN DO. Who you surround yourself with matters! YourLifeCounts.org is the website for a suicide prevention organization. [...]

Freedom To Grow – Grow Great Daily Brief #217 – May 30, 2019

Let’s put the G on the end of LUG – learn, understand, grow. Today we continue this series on freedom since Monday was Memorial Day here in the United States. The freedom to grow! Growth has pains. But that doesn’t make it bad. When I was young I had leg aches. My dad would come [...]