Guiding Vision: The First Basic Ingredient Of Leadership (318)

Warren Bennis, the brilliant, but reluctant expert on leadership believed a guiding vision was the first ingredient of leadership. Leaders need to have a clear vision of what they want to do. They also have to possess the determination and resolve to persist through setbacks, even failures. Where are you going? Personally and professionally? It [...]

Create A Movement: The Best Way To Implement Change (317)

Transformative change. It’s been a popular business phrase for a very long time. Transformative means… causing a marked change in someone or something I guess folks mean something substantial. Something that sticks and has a big impact. One reason this podcast is entitled Grow Great is that I view growth as the goal. Maybe it [...]

Building Your Ideal Team (316)

NFL pundits claim this year’s Dallas Cowboys’ roster is Super Bowl quality. Time will tell. They’ve got to play the games. They’re certainly throwing big dollars around. Time will tell. I can’t remember the last time I passed an entire week without talking with a business owner or CEO about constructing a better team. The [...]

Technology, Future-Proofing & Efficiency (315)

One of my first big technology projects involved custom programming for a point-of-sale (POS – and you thought it stood for something else ;) ) system. Programmers were on site almost round the clock for months and the cost was out of control. Nightmare doesn’t begin to describe it. Disaster doesn’t either. It was a [...]

The Three Holiday R’s – Rest, Recovery, Rejuvenation (314)

Today in America we’re heading into a holiday weekend, Labor Day. Monday will be a holiday for many folks, providing a 3-day weekend. This is typically considered the last holiday of the summer or the first holiday of autumn. After this weekend we’ll hit a dry spell until THE holiday season with Thanksgiving in late [...]

Are You In Touch With Your Business’s Touchpoints? (313)

One of the more memorable books in my library was published in the summer of 1987. It was written by the Jan Carlzon, CEO of SAS Group, owner of the airlines Scandinavian Airlines and Scandinavian Airlines Ireland. I had been reading of him in the business press so I was anxious to read the book [...]

Nights Spent Around The Table (312)

If you were King Arthur you’d have knights to gather at the roundtable. But you’re not a king. Much less King Arthur. But you spend nights around the table. Likely fretting about decisions. Trying to figure out what to do. Searching for the best answers to your perplexing questions. Leadership is hard. It taxes the [...]