Freedom To Grow – Grow Great Daily Brief #217 – May 30, 2019

Let’s put the G on the end of LUG – learn, understand, grow. Today we continue this series on freedom since Monday was Memorial Day here in the United States. The freedom to grow! Growth has pains. But that doesn’t make it bad. When I was young I had leg aches. My dad would come [...]

Freedom To Understand – Grow Great Daily Brief #216 – May 29, 2019

LUG = learning, understanding, growing Today’s let think about appreciating and taking advantage of our freedom to understand. Life is about leadership if only in the sense that every one of us is responsible for leading our own lives. As business owners, executives and entrepreneurs we’re also responsible for leading our organizations. The spectacular thing [...]

Freedom To Learn – Grow Great Daily Brief #215 – May 28, 2019

Yesterday was Memorial Day here in America. That makes it a fitting week to focus on freedom. Today let’s consider our freedom to learn.  As entrepreneurs, business owners, executives, and leaders we should be on the frontline of learning. Daily in our organizations, we’re challenging people to improve so it only makes sense that we [...]

Today is a national holiday here in the States. It’s Memorial Day. It’s a day for remembering and honoring people who have died while serving in the military. I’m not thankful for wars or the politics and emotions that foster them. But I am thankful to have been born in a free country. American citizenship [...]