The Power Of Scenario Questions (for hiring, management & leadership)

What if?

It was the foundational question behind spreadsheet analysis when LOTUS and other tools were around before Microsoft brought us the defacto standard, Excel. The name Excel is a dead giveaway of the power of asking and answering “What if?” questions. It’s what we all hope to accomplish. 

Many years ago I was heavily involved in what was then a burgeoning new sport, roller hockey. For a few years, I served as a volunteer appointee for USA Hockey’s “inline” section. I was on the rules committee and involved in training officials. It was my first organized experience with situational training – scenario training! Ice hockey officials are trained with many hours of examining situations. Training manuals are filled with a variety of situations, from simple to complex. Trainees are asked to make a determination based on the scenarios presented. It’s a highly effective way to learn the rules and for every official to be accountable for their level of expertise. 

The moment I saw that training I knew it was something I could incorporate into my own management and leadership. You may want to consider it for your life.

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