Where Are Your Guaranteed Lifetime Benefits? (Season 2021, Episode 9)

Where Are Your Guaranteed Lifetime Benefits? (Season 2021, Episode 9)

My fatherhood when I was young. And had hair.

This photograph was taken sometime in 1982. Today’s episode is from the now unpublished archives. It was recorded on Friday, May 11, 2012. I resurrected it because recent client work went where it always seems to go sooner than later. Personal. Struggles. Sorrows. Challenges. Opportunities. It made me think about how we’re human, all of us. Sharing many similar feelings and emotions. It doesn’t matter if we’re high-performers or average-performers. That whole “check your personal problems at the door” nonsense is impractical and unrealistic. With that context, I bring you today’s show from 2012. Below are the original show notes to the episode.    -Randy


Some time ago I was listening to a businessman explain his operation. Every industry has a language all its own. This man’s industry was wealth management. During the conversation, he used this phrase, “Guaranteed lifetime benefit.”

My mind wandered.

Wealth management? I muted myself on the phone (thankfully this conversation wasn’t face-to-face) in order to avoid having my chuckle heard. It struck me funny to think about a person who might have an opposite business model, poverty management. I think I could help a lot more people manage their poverty. Of course the problem is obvious. They wouldn’t be able to pay me.

But it was the other phrase that captivated me. And lingered on days after the conversation ended.

Guaranteed Lifetime Benefit

For days I considered that phrase. I thought, “What are the guaranteed lifetime benefits in my life?”

The question morphed into perhaps a better question that serves as the headline of these show notes, “Where are my guaranteed lifetime benefits?” Where are yours?

Days later. Miles later. Sleepless nights later. I realized my first answer was right all along.

Let me know if you agree. Or not.

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