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Lifelong Learners Make Better Lifelong Teachers

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The 100-Mile Walk: A Father And Son On A Quest To Find The Essence Of Leadership by Sander A. Flaum & Jonathon A. Flaum

Leadership is not a one-way street.

People need leadership. That doesn’t mean leaders are without their own needs.

Leaders need feedback, information, dialog and instruction. Nobody knows everything. Not even the most accomplished or capable leader.

Fathers have a great deal to learn. Sometimes from their own children.

CEO’s have a great deal to learn. Sometimes from low level, frontline employees (see Undercover Boss).

The compelling reason why I do what I do with these podcasts, videos and blog posts is summed up in a single phrase, “Passing it on.”

It doesn’t mean I’m an expert with nothing left to learn. My ability to teach, to instruct or pass it on is greatly enhanced by my ability to listen and learn. Lifelong learning improves lifelong teaching, and mentoring.

It’s the fabric of legacy!


If You Don’t Care Enough To Stay Focused

As a man in search of an epiphany I’m happy to share them when I get them. Especially since I don’t get them very often. 😉

Today’s show was prompted by a familiar story of a frustrated employee dealing with an erratic boss. It dealt with the boss’ control issues and his intense focus shifting to disinterest or indifference. Maybe you’ve experienced a boss like that yourself. I know I have.

But it got my wheels turning as I was working out at the gym. And BAM! I had an epiphany. So here it is.

Thanks for letting me share it with you.

“He’s smart and patient. It’s in a sniper’s DNA.”

The headline? Leroy Jethro Gibbs said that. Yep, THAT Gibbs. The one we know and love on NCIS.

Teachers. Business people. Creatives. Leaders. We all need a degree of smartness. And patience.

The world is full of smart people. It seems to me there are far more smart people than patient people. Fewer still are those who are smart and patient.

It’s an interesting intersection of qualities.

Wisdom is typically defined as the application of knowledge and experience. I doubt wisdom is possible without the two components that Gibbs said made up the DNA of a sniper.


Special Episode – Leadership Is Determined By How You Behave When Nobody Is Looking

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Great Leaders Wear Pink Shirts

Great leaders have shaved heads. And big ears. And graying goatees.

Some do. I’m not saying I’m one of them, of course. I hope to be a good leader, but perhaps like you – I’m a work in progress. Greatness is likely far beyond the scope of my abilities.

The horrors of Penn State display how leadership can falter. People considered the university president and the head football coach as great men – great leaders. But now, these men (and others) appear as something different. They are seen by most as men who failed. They didn’t do the right thing when faced with the opportunity. Turns out, they’re hypocrites.

One word is fundamental to leadership, influence.

In that sense, we’re all leaders. You influence somebody. You have an impact on everybody who knows you, interacts with you and even those who observe your life without your knowledge. There are people you observe and they have no idea you’re looking at them, listening to them or paying attention to them.

People are watching. They’re listening. Paying attention.

Leadership’s power is displayed by our actions – our behaviors – when nobody is looking. Or when we don’t think anybody is looking.

How’s your leadership? If you want to know, just closely examine how you behave when nobody is watching.

Do the right thing. Help the rest of us do the right thing. Influence us for good. Be a good example for us. Be a leader.

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