Escaping What Could Have Been: Love Works Wonders In Our Livelihood

In 1973 the Texas Rangers drafted a left-handed high school pitcher from Houston, David Clyde. Due to many circumstances beyond his control, his career was derailed by abusive ownership and management. Not yet ready for the major leagues, he was thrust into the spotlight in hopes of driving up fan attendance to a struggling baseball [...]

The Fear Of Failure Has No ON/OFF Switch

What’s does it mean to fail anyway? Does failure have a time zone…or a time component? That is, if you’re unable to accomplish something in a predefined period of time…does that make you a failure? Or does it just mean you’re a slower learner? Beware of the person who says they have no fear. Remember [...]

This is the follow up question to #3, “What’s your biggest frustration?” Mentioned in today’s video: • New York Times blog post by David Pogue • Arriva headphones for the ipod Shuffle • Twisted Wave – audio recording software aimed for those of us dealing in spoken word • – Andrew Warner interviewed a founder [...]

The Podcast: Download or Non-Flash Playback In 1969 Three Dog Night had a hit song written by Harry Nilsson, ONE. It was the first song on their first album. Think about that because it’s important for today’s show. We’re all chasing increased website traffic. We want a bigger audience. A larger market. More people. Whether we’re [...]

Mentioned in today’s episode: • iVideoHero – it’s a perfect example of a gap in a market that is well served with this tutorial product • 37 Signals – they’re another great example of a company whose products stem from solving problems they faced • Evernote – a wonderful tool that many of us couldn’t [...]

The Novice Expert

Surfing is like anything else. You’ve got to learn it. Now, I’ve never taken a surfing class, but I’m sure one or more of these guys is thinking, “I don’t need this. I just wanna go surf.” The world is full of people who know not that they know not. They’re a sad lot, but [...]