Stupidity In Marketing – It’s An Epidemic!

A single email prompted today’s show. It was from an American author whose work I follow. He’s got a CEO who sent out an email whose subject line was: price reduction has now ended.

Here’s what the email said:

Hi Randy,

The XXX XXX XXX program price reduction ended at midnight last night and the program is now available for $1995.

If you wish to purchase the program – risk free – you can find out what’s included by following the link below:

(the url link appears here)

Best wishes,


Identify the challenges I faced in today’s show and email me your answers (I give you the email address in the video). I’ll select a random winner and surprise you with something (not sure yet what, but I’ll figure it out).

Perhaps my next show needs to be entitled, “Stupidity In Videocasting – I’m Leading The Way!”

Thanks for watching!

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