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How Can I Get My Work Done And Still Develop My People? - Free Form Friday January 30, 2015 - HIGHER HUMAN PERFORMANCE

How Can I Get My Work Done And Still Develop My People? – Free Form Friday January 30, 2015

How Can I Get My Work Done And Still Develop My People? - Free Form Friday January 30, 2015 - HIGHER HUMAN PERFORMANCE


Some managers are intently focused on getting the work done. Nothing else matters. Not how it’s done, or what lessons can taught along the way. They approach their day as a to-do-list, working hard to put a check mark by as many items as possible.

Other managers are more focused on developing people. They want to make sure they’re investing time in making their people stronger. But the work must be done.

Are these two activities mutually exclusive? Of course not. In fact, top leaders find a way to jointly accomplish both tasks simultaneously. That is, they get the work done while also developing their people.

In today’s show I share a quick tip that may help you find better ways to do that.


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218 – Free Form Friday, April 25, 2014

It’s the last Friday of the month when I fly free form

Today is the last Friday of the month…so it’s time for Free Form Friday!

Here are today’s talking points:

  • Are you willing to help me rebrand this podcast? If so, I’d greatly appreciate your input. Just go here to help:
  • Podcasting talk (it doesn’t have to be expensive or done like I do it, using a broadcast workflow)
  • Audio Technica ATR2100 or ATR2005
  • I talked about my own gear and workflow in podcasting in episode 205
  • TV talk (other than sports, there are some reality shows I enjoy – and I’ll tell you why)
  • All of my podcasts are now unique, which is why I need your help rebranding this one
  • Leaning Toward Wisdom is where I riff on about anything pertaining to the general subject of wisdom.
  • Remarkable Retail is going to be relaunched this coming fall, Lord willing.
  • Jon Buscall interviewed me last year about creativity and storytelling

I originally used a Google HOA to record today’s show, but as you can tell…the audio isn’t up to snuff. HOA’s don’t always play nicely with my audio console. So if you want to endure the video with poor audio, here it is. But I did a new audio only recording to go down the RSS feed. The audio is MUCH BETTER.

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213 – Free Form Friday, March 28, 2014

Chains and locks won’t stop us from opening doors of opportunity. Will they?

Well, here we are. It’s the last Friday of March. Due to my sickness I missed the last Friday of February. But thankfully, March brings with it another opportunity. Another chance to riff on about whatever I’d like.

Here’s a few of the points of today’s Free Form Friday – they’re mostly questions I’m asking YOU. I’d love to have your feedback. Email me at SupportBulaNetwork [at] gmail [dot] com.

  • Is there a market for online executive coaching in the form of a membership site? By executive coaching I mean coaching aimed at anybody who has direct reports. People who manage the work of other people, regardless of their title, are candidates for what most call “executive” coaching.
  • What do you think the subject matter should be? Think big or broad, then narrow it down. For example, if I think about communication (a broad category), there are many more narrow areas like peer-to-peer, staff meetings, one-on-one with direct reports, written (including email and texting) and group presentations.
  • If the platform included video, audio and text (PDF’s perhaps), how small should the content be broken down? In other words, should a single video/audio be no more than 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes…how long should each piece of content be? A topic that might require 2 hours of instruction could be broken up into as many smaller sessions as needed. Twenty-four (24) five minute sessions might be a little much, but a dozen ten-minute sessions might be okay. What do you think?
  • Would it be more powerful if it had an interactive component with me? For example, what if it were a relatively inexpensive monthly subscription (say, something under $50), but then supplemented with a closed webinar with me each month for a slightly higher price (still under $100 though). Is that a dumb idea? What are your thoughts?
  • I’m talking about comprehensive, action-oriented content designed to help people really move the needle in their ability to become more effective leaders and managers. I’m also talking about including areas that deal with selling, persuasion and marketing. I’d want this to be delivered in a logical sequence so people could make progress and not feel like they’ve got a fire hose aimed at them. I’m not talking about a once-then-I’m-done affair. I’d want to continue to add and update the material while addressing the concerns of the members. How much should something like this cost if I wanted to make it extremely high value, but I wanted to make sure the people who enrolled where serious about taking action?
  • Should it be strictly monthly with no annual opportunity, or should I offer a reduced annual rate?
  • My philosophy with all my work is to have customers think or say, “This is worth so much more than what I’m paying.” I’m a guy who has no problem leaving money on the table IF the result is a remarkable experience for the customer/client. I want to dazzle people. I don’t want to merely satisfy them. And that necessarily means I’m aware of managing the expectations with a price point. If you’re going to charge me lots of money each month, I’m going to ratchet up my expectation. If you’re going to ding my credit card a lower amount, I’m going to lower my expectation. My objective would be to err on the side of BLOWING AWAY a reasonable expectation. I’m also aware of retention rates of subscribers. It wouldn’t help me to have a high churn rate (the rate at which subscribers leave and I have to go find new replacements).
  • How valuable would an affiliate program be…for members only? I wouldn’t want to entertain an affiliate program for the open public. I’d only want people who are subscribers themselves to have that opportunity. What would be a fair affiliate commission?
  • Do you have any other ideas for me?

The door of opportunity often looks just like that picture. Closed. Chained. Locked. And intimidating.

Do you think this may be a door of opportunity for me?

Let me bribe you to share you thoughts with me. Email me your feedback using the subject line “MEMBERSHIP SITE” and include your Skype ID in the email. I’ll contact you and we’ll schedule a 15-minute Skype call so you can ask me anything you’d like. I’ll do my best to give you at least one great idea to help move forward.

Thanks for your help. Have a great weekend.



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207 – Free Form Friday, January 31, 2014

all dirt, no shoes
Dirt floors, no shoes, but still smiling. How ’bout YOU?

Today is the last Friday of January. I’m thinking of doing this bit of riffing on the last Friday of each month.

I call it “free form” because I’m just going from some bullet-point notes based on a few thoughts from this first month of a new year. Here are a few hi-lights:

– This is how I podcast – episode 205
Mighty Planes: Trump 757 on the Smithsonian Channel
60 Minutes Sports
– Leaning Toward Wisdom, episode 4010
How I Lost $50,900, But Kept My Wife
1 Corinthians chapter 13
– Deficit-based thinking vs. Asset-based thinking
(part 1 | part 2)
– Ernest T. Bass needs a uniform
– Who would you call at 2AM if you needed fast help?
– Who would call you at 2AM because they know they can count on you?
Ernest T. Bass learns some manners, or tries to

Email me: Results [at] BulaNetwork [dot] com

Thanks for listening. Have a great weekend!


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