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Episode 121 – Calling All Readers, Watchers And Listeners! Help, I Need Somebody.

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Today’s show is a personal appeal. I’m not singing in The Yellow Studio, but I have before. Not nearly as well as John Lennon.

Here are the questions in today’s show:

1. If you create and consume content, how often do you do that? You may create content only weekly, but consume it hourly. I suspect we all tend to consume far more than we create.

2. What’s your schedule? Do you create content on a regular basis? Do you visit various content regularly?

3. Do you subscribe (either by email or RSS or any subscribe button) or do you just visit sites to consume their content?

4. How do you feel about the content created here? We’ll go ahead with a few more numbers under this heading (but don’t worry I’ve only got a few more questions). Rate my content on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being “I could care less” and 5 being “I can’t take my eyes or ears off of it.” (In the podcast I call this the final question, but the following questions are under the headline of this question so my numbering system may confuse you. Sorry.)

5. I should ditch this content: ______________ (fill in the blank). This is subject matter I should stop producing. (Yes, I call this number two.)

6. I should do more shows on this: _____________________ (fill in the blank). This is subject matter I should more heavily produce. (I call this one number three.)

7. Yes or No. I should stop producing video. (I call this one number four.)

8. Do you wish I would blog more? That is, I should just write posts without video or audio. (And this one is number five, confused yet? Me, too.)

9. I’m currently podcasting once a week. That is, a single audio only show comes out once a week. Is that enough, too much, not enough? (Here’s number 6.)

10. Is it just time for me to stop all this? Actually, this final question is just whatever feedback or suggestions you want to give me. (This is the final question. I called it number 7 and it’s the most important one.)

Email me or leave me voicemail feedback. Please, please, please!

Thank you for listening, watching and reading. Thank you for being part of my life. I hope I’m just a small resource to help you along the path. We’re all just a work-in-process.

Episode 106 – Some Favorite New Media Consumed By The Yellow Studio (And My New MediaPreneurship)

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Let's Run Fast And Jump

In the last episode I told you about the re-booting of Bula Network. Here we are in the first show since the re-boot. I feel like I’m running down this long dock ready to launch myself off the end into the biggest cannonball I can muster! Launching is fun.

But today’s show is about my consumption of new media. It’s part of the story about the new direction here. It likely represents the long dock of my life here inside The Yellow Studio.

About 6 years ago I fell in love with podcasts. I don’t remember the first shows I listened to, but I remember in the early days of online audio (before I even knew what RSS meant, or what it could do) being excited at the medium. I’m an audio guy though. A lifelong love affair with music landed me into audiophileland when I was still a teenager. My love of audio persists today in music and online broadcasting.

Mentioned in today’s show:

TotalFinder is an $18 program that every Mac owner should buy.
Episode 105 was the show about my rebooting BulaNetwork
TWIT is something I follow a little bit, but I’m not a rabid fan
Marketing Over Coffee podcast
Mixergy with Andrew Warner is one of my favorites
Gary Vaynerchuk, the epitome of high energy
DishyMix with Susan Bratton
Freakonomics podcast
• Cliff Ravenscraft is the

I’m looking forward to getting this party started. Thanks for joining me for the ride!


Episode 105 – Rebooting Bula Network

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Time To Reboot

Now that the About page has been rewritten – and I’m not saying I’m finished with it – it’s time to release this episode. It’s been coming for quite a long time. In fact, for over 2 weeks I’ve sat down to record this episode more times than I can count. Each time I simply decided against it. I don’t think it was fear as much as it was trying to figure out how to tell the story.

This past Saturday I went into The Yellow Studio, muted the sound of the college football game playing on the flat screen, and launched forth. One take (I almost never do multiple takes and I never, ever edit). No script. No notes. I just started to tell the story as briefly as I could – because I know you don’t really care about all the details. Shoot, I don’t even care about them much!

I do care about you. I care that you’ve given me your time and attention. I care about you, and I care about your business and your life. Not in some hokey sort of way, but in a way that’s right. At least it’s right for me. Part of my challenge with the Internet is all the talk of scope and scale. As a business person I fully understand those things, but as a person — I could care less!

For the better part of 6 months I’ve been doing some heavy thinking, which isn’t that easy for somebody whose brain is as small as mine. That explains the headaches.

I reached a conclusion some months ago as I reviewed how many things in my professional life had changed. I surveyed the variety of opportunities coming my way. I examined the people who have entered my life in the last few years. Mostly, I closely examined my contributions, or lack of them. Situations and circumstances where I felt I was doing good work. Others where I definitely was not.

Things change. Thanks to time, circumstances, opportunities and a host of other variables that life slings our way. Weeks, if not months ago, I knew it was time.

For something completely different.

It’s time to move on. It’s time to get going. ‘s first iteration dies and now is born a new identity, a new purpose – becomes a new media company.

Today’s show goes behind the scenes to tell you exactly what’s been happening and why. I’d love to hear what you think about it.

As with all effective re-boots, this one means the “finder” gets a fresh start. Whatever happened in the past is now over. Whatever work was in process is now permanently interrupted and gone. The future will now be determined by what happens starting today. This re-boot won’t involve me wiping out all the past though. The previous posts and podcasts episodes will remain. They’re here for archive purposes only though. The future shall not resemble the past!

That’s the point of a re-boot, right?

Thanks for listening, reading and watching!


Inside The Yellow Studio (The Little Engine That Could) - HIGHER HUMAN PERFORMANCE podcast episode 76

Episode 76 – Inside The Yellow Studio (The Little Engine That Could)

Here it is, kids! It’s the technical show that some of you have been clamoring for – this is the engine behind what goes on inside The Yellow Studio.

The studio is a 2-mic studio that can be expanded to three if necessary. It never is.

The studio desk seats three people. The pictures don’t depict that very well because I pushed the chairs under the desk.

Sound deadening is all handled by books, books and more books. I’ve had acoustical foam treatment in the past, but The Yellow Studio doesn’t need it. Books, art work and no open corners handle things nicely.

I prefer dimly lit rooms with cool lamps, but the studio does have overhead florescent lighting – although I never use it. The yellow walls brighten up the joint, hence the name – The Yellow Studio.

Here’s a list of the cool stuff (these are not affiliate links; I do have an affiliate list for most of my resources on this page – I’d appreciate your support):

Herman Miller Mirra chair
• Apple iMac 27″ with i7 processor (4GB RAM / 1TB Hard Drive)
• Apple MacBook Pro 15″
• Adobe Audition (requires Windows until the Mac only version is released)
Apple Studio Logic
Ambrosia Wiretap Studio ($69  – well worth it)
Ambrosia Soundboard (my sound cart software of choice; this is $49 – also well worth it)
Sound Byte by Black Cat Systems (another sound cart software that is also excellent)
ID3 Editor (to create ID tags)
Transmit by Panic is my ftp program of choice
Call Recorder by ECamm (the software I use to record Skype calls – when I don’t use Wiretap Studio)
Edirol R-09HR digital recorder
• Broadcast Tools ProMix12 broadcast console/mixer
Yamaha MG124C mixer
Heil Sound PR40 microphones (I love the microphones – they’re my oldest pieces of gear)
Heil Sound SM1 Shock Mounts
Heil Sound PL2T Booms
Heil Sound RS1 boom 12″ extension mount (for one mic; the other mic uses the C clamp)
• Heil Sound pop filters for each PR40
• Heil Sound foam pop filter (I have one of these in case I want to take a PR40 out in the field to use; never happens, by the way)
Electro-Voice RE50B microphones (I have two of these for field use, but they work equally well in the studio)
Aphex 230 Voice Channel Processors (one for each PR40 mic)
TC Electronic Finalizer Express (a final processor that handles everything going through the board)
Telos One Phone Hybrid
• PreSonus FP10 Firewire Interface (one for each computer)
Panamax power management
Aphex Headpod 454 Headphone Amp
• Kensington Keyboards
• Logitech Laser mouse (for the laptop)
Sennheiser HD25-MKII headphones
• Kodak Zi8 camera with a corded inexpensive AT lapel microphone
• Logitech 1080p Webcam Pro C910 (was added after this episode was recorded)
ScreenFlow by Telestream (screen capture and video recording software)
iMovie by Apple (also for some video recording)
Apple QuickTime Pro (can record audio, video or screen capture)
Camera Stabilizer (this is great; buy one if you don’t have one)

Check out the two prior episodes about The Yellow Studio:

The Ladies Welcome You To The Yellow Studio
Episode 75 – Behind The Scenes Of The Yellow Studio (Randy’s 3 Addictions)

Here are a few more pictures to satisfy your curiosity.

Rosie sometimes is the guardian of The Yellow Studio. Rocky is rarely allowed inside due to heavy snoring.

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