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Is this how others see you?

Do you get along with others? Easily?

Or, are you a difficult person?

You may not know, but others sure do. Hopefully, you’ve got a clue about how well you interact with others.

Most of us have room for improvement in getting along with others. Agreement and cooperation are necessary ingredients for accomplishment. Unfortunately, some people don’t much care about the objective or accomplishment. Their focus is on what they want.

Egocentrism kills many missions. Insistence on getting our way curbs enthusiasm , kills creativity and derails improvement and progress.

Today, I’d like to give you a few words to consider when you encounter conflict: conciliatory and acquiesce.

Mentioned in today’s show is one book, “You Can Negotiate Anything” by Herb Cohen.

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The Podcast: Download Or Non-Flash Playback

Dallas is an NFL town. The Dallas Cowboys may no longer be America’s team (does America really have a team?), but they’re certainly a big deal around here. Recently, I was reading about how the Cowboys had incorporated new Apple technology – the iPad – as the method of giving each player the playbook.

NFL teams historically have given players a large 3-ring binder containing all the plays and formations of the team. Players are assigned these books and they’re very protected resources for each team. This year, the Cowboys (I suspect other teams will also do this) are no longer handing out a large 3-ring binder to players. Rather, they’re giving each player an Apple iPad with the playbook downloaded onto it.

It’s a practical, but dazzling way communication is happening today. Thanks to the relative inexpensive cost of technology. Come on! What’s an $800 device to an NFL team? It’s a cheap investment that likely accomplishes a few great things for the team. One, the players will spend more time with an iPad than they would a 3-ring binder. And if they’re spending more time with the device, the assumption is likely valid…they’ll spend more time in the playbook. Two, the players won’t likely leave it laying around, or forget it when they attend meetings. Three, the players can make their own notations during meetings. No need to bring another device into a meeting. Their team iPad is all the device they’ll ever need.

What about your small business? Are you using today’s inexpensive – CHEAP – audio and video technology (and PDF’s, etc.) to dazzle your customers? Staff members are your internal customers. The Cowboys’ players are the internal customers of the Dallas Cowboys organization. What about your paying customers?

Get creative. There are so many cool things we can to help serve our customers, and along the way, dazzle them! Make them say, “Wow!”

Some resources mentioned in today’s show:

Apogee Mic (a ridiculously good USB/iPhone/iPad condenser microphone)
Screeny (a super inexpensive Mac screen capture software)
Vimeo Plus

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Do You Really Want To Know Where The Magic Happens?

Maybe it's on the other side of this door, "Somewhere beyond your comfort zone."

No, it’s not on the Lance Burton stage in Las Vegas. Well, not this kind of magic. This magic is what some call flow, or epiphany, or a breakthrough. It’s some moment of stellar performance or spectacular accomplishment. I suppose it could be some magical solution to a problem.

It crosses into all areas of life: sports, education, business, science, technology, family, relationships, personal development and any other area of human endeavor.

Most often the answer I get is, “Somewhere beyond your comfort zone!”

The assumption is that as long as you’re pushing the boundaries of where you’re comfortable, then you’re making progress. And if you’re not pushing that boundary, then you’ll never find magic. Is that true?

I’m uncomfortable at heights. Being on the ground feels safe, secure and comfortable. Confidence eludes me at heights. My hands get sweaty. Anxiety soars. Unless magic is defined as being so nervous you pee your pants, then heights aren’t where magic happens for me.

Alex Honnold experiences magic at heights. Hailed as the world’s greatest free climber (that means he’s crazy), Alex enjoys climbing the sheerest sides of rock with nothing more than his hands and feet. No tethers. Oh, and he’s insanely fast about it.

Which one of us is right about where magic happens?

Alex is comfortable at heights. What’s he afraid of? I don’t know, but we’re all afraid of something.

Should he discard his love of free climbing and pursue something else? Or does the fact that he’s world-class at what he does change things?

Consider a few things:

• Magic isn’t always associated with a comfort zone – either being in it or out of it.
• Magic most often occurs when people are pursuing their natural abilities.
• Circumstances and opportunities impact magic, but a person may be able to alter both.
• Magic has no formula because magic has no quantifiable definition.
• Magic for one may be failure for another.
• Magic isn’t permanent, any more than failure.
• Magic is more likely to find those who actively seek it most. Emphasis on “actively.”
• Magic occurs in every endeavor and every pursuit. For somebody. Sometimes.
• Magic is elusive.
• Magic is tough to hold on to.
• Complacency is the enemy of magic.
• Another enemy is the assumption you can maintain it.
What once produced magic may not produce it again.
• Magic respects no one.

Where does magic happen?

I only know where it begins.

In your mind.

Unfortunately, that’s also where delusion begins.